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31.01.2022 – 08:00

Federal Office of Statistics


* Over 73 million passengers used Germany’s main airports in 2021 – 67.6% fewer than the all-time high of 2019.

* Cargo volumes hit record 5.3 million tonnes, up 17.5% YoY (+12.7% YoY)

Around 73.6 million passengers took off or landed at the 23 largest commercial airports in Germany in 2021. As the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports, this was 27.3% more than in the previous year. However, the number of passengers was still a long way from the pre-crisis level of 2019, with 67.6% fewer passengers. In 2019, an all-time high was recorded with 226.7 million passengers.

Passenger traffic still restricted due to the corona pandemic

The restrictions caused by the corona pandemic affected air traffic to varying degrees. With 4.7 million passengers, air traffic within Germany in 2021 was 19.3% below the level of 2020 and thus only reached a fifth of the pre-crisis level of 2019. Air traffic with other countries, on the other hand, increased by 32.6% compared to the previous year. to 68.8 million passengers. This was particularly due to European traffic, which recorded an increase of 38.8% (58.1 million passengers) compared to the previous year. Despite this increase, it was also far from the pre-crisis level of 2019 (-63.7%). Intercontinental traffic rose only slightly by 6.7% to 10.8 million passengers compared to the previous year. Compared to 2019, that was 75.4% fewer passengers. There was growth in traffic with Africa (+12.3%) and America (+25.4%) compared to 2020, while air traffic with Asia continued to decline (-12.1%).

Air freight on course for growth

For the first time, more than 5 million tons of air freight were transported at the main German airports in 2021, although the restrictions on passenger flights meant that there was still less co-loading capacity available. The volume of air freight (including air mail) transported increased by 17.5% compared to 2020 to 5.3 million tons. The transport volume was 12.7% above the pre-crisis level of 2019.

Methodical note:

In the case of the air passenger numbers considered, boarding and alighting passengers are taken into account in international traffic. In domestic traffic, only departing passengers are taken into account to avoid double counting. Transit traffic is not included. The freight and postal traffic data is processed according to the same principle.

The statistics record air traffic at the main airports with more than 150,000 passengers a year. The data are not adjusted for calendar effects.

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