North Korea: Seventh missile test this year

Status: 01/30/2022 06:18 a.m

North Korea has launched another missile test. It’s the seventh since the beginning of the year. Neighboring South Korea called an emergency meeting immediately afterwards.

By Kathrin Erdmann, ARD Studio Tokyo

According to South Korea’s National Security Council, North Korea’s most recent missile test involved a medium-range missile. It was fired east from a northern province bordering China.

Catherine Erdman
ARD-Studio Tokyo

According to the Japanese government, the rocket flew around 800 kilometers. She then landed in the East Sea or the Sea of ​​Japan.

National Security Council convened in South Korea

South Korea called a meeting of the National Security Council, which was also attended by President Moon Jae-in. Moon saw the test as another violation of UN resolutions. After that, North Korea is banned from all tests of ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs. He urged North Korea to desist from provocations and return to the negotiating table.

Negotiations with the US suspended since 2019

But North Korea is apparently not thinking about that at the moment: Since the beginning of the year, it has carried out seven weapons tests, some in quick succession, and ruler Kim Jong Un is said to have been present at at least one of them.

Many observers see this as an attempt to persuade the United States to take action and fear that North Korea could soon test long-range missiles and nuclear bombs again. The regime had already indicated this recently. Negotiations with the US have been on hold since 2019.

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