Canadian truckers protest anticovid measures

Hundreds of truckers drove their huge vehicles yesterday in Ottawa, the Canadian capital, as part of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” to protest against the vaccines that are required to cross the border with the United States.

Waving the Canadian flag, waving signs with the word “Freedom” and chanting slogans against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the truckers joined thousands of other protesters against anti-Covid measures and discontent with the government.

Canadian media reported that the prime minister and his family were escorted out of his residence and taken to a confidential location in the capital.

“I want everything to stop, these measures are unjustified,” said Philippe Castonguay, one of the protesters, 31, outside the parliament building.

“The vaccination requirement is leading us to a new society for which we never vote,” added the businessman who drove from Quebec to participate in the protest.

The demonstrations began last week in western Canada where dozens of truckers organized a first convoy from Vancouver to Ottawa.

The amount

10 thousand demonstrators waited for the Police, in eight convoys made up of several hundred vehicles. In Canada and the US, vaccination was imposed as a requirement in mid-January.


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