▷ Suspend compulsory attendance in schools in the event of a high incidence to combat the pandemic

30.01.2022 – 10:00

Pirate Party Germany

Berlin (ots)

The federal and state governments agreed on January 24 that the applicable corona rules should remain unchanged [2]. This means that attendance in schools is largely compulsory, while contact reduction and working from home are intended to slow down the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Currently, the 7-day incidence continues to rise and has exceeded 900 nationwide for the first time, with a third of the counties over 1,000 [1].

Sebastian Alscher, Federal Chairman of the Pirate Party Germany, sees the maintenance of compulsory attendance as an avoidable burden for families and those around the school children:

As a parent, I don’t want to expose my child to unnecessary risks, not to endanger other students and especially not the teaching staff, if my child might be carrying an undiscovered infection. It is time to switch to distance learning wherever possible during such high incidence numbers.”

Wolf Vincent Lübcke, Secretary General of the German Pirate Party, joins:

“Families worry about their children and relatives. The least that the state must allow them to do is to decide whether they want to send their children to school and possibly expose them to the dangers of infection. The increasing number of hospitalized children and adolescents [3] speaks a clear language.”

Distance learning is still a challenge in many places due to the lack of fast internet connections, but it would be a relief in terms of unavoidable contacts in schools if face-to-face lessons were held with smaller learning groups. Therefore, if parents are able to ensure and support their children’s learning at home, the decision whether their children should learn in attendance at school must be in their hands. Lübcke criticizedthat politics is too inflexible in this regard:

“Here the federal states are required to develop and offer the necessary possibilities for distance learning, even if this leads to an additional workload in the schools. The well-being of the children must be the priority!”

Alscher considers the current quarantine rules to be contradictory and unsuitable for efficiently slowing down the pandemic. In particular, people who have been vaccinated three times are no longer subject to quarantine as contact persons, cannot voluntarily isolate themselves as employees and inevitably have contact with other people. If the test is negative, your school-age children must also be a contact person at school with other children. Alscher’s summary:

“The federal and state governments make it difficult for responsible citizens to take responsibility and act as reason dictates. The state prescribes its own weighing of the risk of infection and school attendance. A special kind of nanny state.”


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