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30.01.2022 – 17:58

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Berlin (ots)

When a political conflict in Eastern Europe escalates to the point of war, Germany should only have one task: to ease the conflict and to seek a peaceful, diplomatic solution. Especially when there is also a conflict between West and East, between NATO and Russia. For historical and cultural reasons, Germany would be called upon and obliged to mediate. And, given its geographic location, out of sheer self-interest too.

In the middle of the argument about military deployments on both sides, former Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel spoke up. He is less concerned that NATO is now increasing its troop and weapon presence in Eastern Europe. He wants to ensure that arms deliveries to Ukraine are discussed in Germany – with an open mind. One can only hope that he will not be heard. Or that at least ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (also an SPD politician) is being noted, who called on the Ukrainian government to end its “saber rattling” in the form of armament demands on Germany, among other things. Schröder is now being attacked for this. Of course he’s a business lobbyist – but there are worse things than a lobbyist opposing the further escalation of a conflict. And after all, Schroeder as chancellor – one recalls – refused the then US President George W. Bush to participate in the so-called coalition of the willing in the campaign against Iraq.

Whoever wants to talk openly about arms deliveries in a highly explosive conflict ultimately thinks openly about war. There can be no two opinions on the question of whether a war should be waged or supported. The only reasonable answer is no.

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