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30.01.2022 – 19:22

Cologne City Gazette

Cologne (ots)

Uwe Jacob, outgoing police chief in Cologne, does not believe that the increasing violence in the party hotspots of the big cities can be completely curbed. “You will not be able to turn a big city where so many people live and come to celebrate, where a lot of alcohol is drunk and this causes aggressiveness, into a monastery,” he told the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” (Monday edition). As a police force, you can help to cut off the tips and remove the excesses. “But we won’t be able to completely pacify it. You shouldn’t delude yourself about that,” says Jacob. The 65-year-old trained police officer has been chief of police in Cologne since July 2017. Monday (January 31) is his last day at work, after which he will retire.

He is particularly proud of the Cologne police building projects that were initiated during his tenure. Not only would the two police stations in Leverkusen be rebuilt, but also the station in Cologne-Weiden. The Europe-wide tender for the addition and expansion of the police headquarters in the Cologne district of Kalk has ended. Jacob expects completion by 2026.


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