COVID: Russia registers for the first time more than 100 thousand cases daily

Russia surpassed this Saturday for the first time the symbolic threshold of 100,000 daily cases of COVID, a record illustrating the new wave scourge caused by the omicron variant.

According to government figures, in the last 24 hours, 113,122 new cases and 668 deaths were registered. The capital, Moscow, continues to be the main focus of the epidemic in Russia, with 26,488 new infections and 76 deaths.

Is about a record of cases for the ninth consecutive day in that country, the hardest hit in Europe by the coronavirus.

Although the authorities have reported 330,111 deaths from COVID since the pandemic began, the Rosstat statistics agency, which has a broader definition of deaths, considers that more than 660,000 people have died from the coronavirus.

A balance that is explained by the slow vaccination campaign, the fact that practically no confinement measures have been decreed since the spring of 2020 and by the disregard that a large part of the population does to sanitary measures such as the use of a mask in public transport.



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