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29.01.2022 – 15:19


Bonn/Berlin (ots)

Bonn/Berlin, January 29, 2022. The former co-chairman of the Greens, Reinhard Bütikofer, sharply criticizes the support given to Ukraine in the conflict with Russia by supplying 5,000 military helmets. “I would say: The 5,000 helmets – that’s embarrassing at best. I’m not one of those who say all the time that we have to deliver weapons. I think it’s right to be cautious,” said Bütikofer in the phoenix interview. “However, I find the justification wrong to say that because of German history we can’t.” Nazi Germany “did even worse things to the Ukrainian people than to the Russians”. Therefore, solidarity with Ukraine is now appropriate.

With regard to the behavior of the federal government in the conflict, the MEP sees a great need for discussion. “We still have a difficult discussion ahead of us, not just us Greens, but Germany as a whole.” “It is palpable that there is a great deal of distrust in other European capitals and also in the USA towards the current foreign policy not only of the Federal Chancellor but also of the new leader of the opposition,” said the MEP. In order to counteract autocratic and aggressive regimes, he calls for “adherence to values, the formation of cooperation options and strategic solidarity between democracies”. This must be “an elementary part of Realpolitik”.

The Green politician considers Germany’s economic strength to be the strongest instrument for solving the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. “The crucial contribution we can make is to make it very clear to Russia with the things where we are strong – and that is the economy – that the price will be high if Putin embarks on this aggressive maneuver with which he threatened for months now.”

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