Montreal Firefighters’ Association seeks to expand list of cancers considered occupational diseases – Montreal | The Canadian News

January marks firefighter cancer awareness month. To mark the occasion, the Montreal Firefighters Association is launching an awareness campaign, asking for a significant improvement on the list of cancers recognized as occupational diseases in Quebec. Currently kidney, bladder and lung cancers are included on the list, as well as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma but the Montreal fire […]

Second year down to the negative effects of Covid-19

The main figures of the automotive industry industry have a modest balance. Well, it is true that the commercialization of new units is advancing ligamentally, the production does not have the despair of growth and reflects problems related to various phenomena. The importance of this sector for the pais economy is very large representing one […]

Four candidates in Athabasca by-election announced in Saskatchewan | The Canadian News

Four candidates submitted their nomination documents to run in the February 15 Athabasca provincial by-election in Saskatchewan. Clint Arnason will run for the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan, Georgina Jolibois for the NDP, Jim Lemaigre for the Saskatchewan Party, and Darwin Roy as an independent. The deadline for nomination was Saturday 14:00. Athabasca residents wishing to […]

CBSA maintains operations at Lansdowne border, no disruptions – Kingston | The Canadian News

As the trucker protest continues in Ottawa, Canada’s Border Service Agency (CBSA) is maintaining the federal government’s vaccine mandate. Some convoy supporters drove through Kingston on the way to Ottawa this Saturday, passing the exit toward the Thousand Islands Bridge, which also heads to the Landsdowne border crossing. Read more: Big rigs, passenger vehicles snarl […]

Hundreds gather in downtown Kelowna in support of trucker convoy protest | The Canadian News

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Kelowna Saturday afternoon holding signs and honking horns in support of the large trucker convoy protest on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The local protest started in Kelowna’s Stuart Park with demonstrators waving signs calling for the end of vaccine mandates for truckers. 0:16Kelowna Freedom Rally Kelowna Freedom Rally Story […]

Peru lifts two-year curfew due to pandemic

The nocturnal curfew in effect Peru for nearly two years, it will end this weekend, according to a decree published this Saturday, which extended the state of emergency by one month for the covid-19 pandemic. The government decided to lift the five-hour curfew rule, estimating that “it was no longer effective”, despite the fact that […]