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The stricter and very different entry requirements of the individual holiday countries are still causing a slowdown in bookings in tourism. However, once customers have decided on a trip, the official requirements rarely cause problems both on departure and during the trip – especially in the package tour business.

This is the result of a survey by touristik aktuell among the major German tour operators. The companies do not have any detailed statistics. But the statements are unambiguous: “Staying still” are the exception here.

Tour operators and travel agencies actively provide information

The reasons for this are obvious: The organizers, in cooperation with the various sales partners, actively inform their customers about the relevant formalities. If changes are made at short notice, SMS or Whatsapp messages are even sent, provided the data is available.

This is often different for pure airline customers. Some airlines also send out up-to-date information, but not all. “Indeed, we have many inquiries from passengers who have booked their flight directly with the airline,” says DER Touristik, for example.

In Frankfurt, but also at FTI in Munich, the suspicion of some travel agencies is confirmed: the “staying” are often pure airline customers. However, no organizer has a detailed evaluation of this. At FTI, for example, “stalling” is only noted under the term “substitute transport caused by the customer”.

Praise for the work of travel agencies

Tour operators such as TUI, Alltours, Schauinsland and Ferien Touristik/Coral Travel have also found that travel agencies do a good job. In practice, it is “very rare” for customers to stop because they don’t have a PCR or antigen test or because they are unaware that many countries are no longer allowed to enter without a vaccination.

TUI also explicitly points out that the guest is fundamentally “ask themselves to become active and call up the necessary information”. For Alltours owner Willi Verhuven and Bentour boss Deniz Ugur, however, this is already common practice: In the meantime, people have been informed “and know that you need certain documents when traveling again”.

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