COVID: Merck pill remains active against omicron

the anti pill COVID-19 from Merck remains “active” against the omicron variant, the US company reported today, Friday, January 28, based on six laboratory studies.

The treatment, called molnupiravir, is an antiviral that must be administered quickly after the onset of symptoms, and taken for five days to prevent the virus from replicating.

These in vitro studies, based on cell assays, were conducted independently by investigators in six countries (Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, and the United States).

The results show “that molnupiravir maintains antiviral activity against omicron, the main variant in circulation in the world,” Dr. Dean Y. Li of Merck Research Laboratories said in a statement.

Now the effectiveness against omicron should be evaluated in the framework of clinical trials.

The treatment, sometimes marketed as Lagevrio, has been authorized in more than ten countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Pfizer has also developed an anti-COVID pill, which has shown higher efficacy.



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