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Status: 01/28/2022 2:03 p.m

The Bundestag has extended the deployment of German soldiers in Iraq by a further nine months. A large majority of MPs voted in favor of the new mandate.

The Bundestag has approved the extension of the Iraq mission of the Bundeswehr with a large majority. In a roll-call vote, 555 MPs voted in favor of the government’s proposal. There were 110 votes against and one abstention. The new mandate is valid for nine months until the end of October.

The aim is to “contribute to a comprehensive and sustainable stabilization of the region through a networked approach,” according to the mandate text. A total of up to 500 soldiers can continue to be deployed. In the end, however, this upper limit was far from exhausted.

Support for the international anti-terror mission

The Bundeswehr mission, which started in 2015, serves in particular to advise Iraqi security forces in order to support them in the fight against the IS militia. In its application, the federal government pointed out the ongoing dangers posed by the jihadists. The tasks of the Bundeswehr also include supporting the international anti-terrorist operation against the IS through air surveillance and refueling of military aircraft in the air.

Syria no longer an area of ​​operation

Syria will be excluded as an area of ​​operation in the future. This was primarily a demand from the Greens. However, de facto the mission has so far focused on Iraq. It is now also emphasized that operations in the airspace are in principle only possible with “approval from the respective government”.

The new mandate also includes an evaluation clause. The mission should therefore already be comprehensively reassessed during the mandate period. The coalition has agreed on such an evaluation for all foreign deployments of the Bundeswehr.


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