AfD exit from Meuthen: A provocateur in sheep’s clothing


As of: 01/28/2022 6:58 p.m

Jörg Meuthen leaves the AfD. But his reasoning is hypocritical. Because Meuthen was always a provocateur himself, spreading hate and hate speech and making political capital out of resentment.

A comment by Lothar Lenz, ARD capital studio

When Alexander Gauland once described the AfD as a “fermented bunch”, it came across as an awkward apology for a party in which the choice of words is a bit coarse. For a party in which respect is sometimes lost over the substantive criticism of the prevailing politics.

Lothar Lenz
ARD Capital Studio

In fact, however, Gauland wanted to continue knitting the lie of the so-called “Alternative for Germany” – namely the claim that the party was conservative and essentially bourgeois.

In truth, however, the AfD is a gathering place of despisers of democracy, ethnic-national historical revisionists and other right-wing populists. The alleged political alternatives of the AfD are crude; the behavior of their deputies in the Bundestag vulgar and boorish. It is probably only a matter of time before the Office for the Protection of the Constitution observes the party nationwide on suspicion of right-wing extremism.

Meuthen justified hypocritically

When AfD chairman Jörg Meuthen justifies his resignation and his exit from the party with the observation that there are increasing “totalitarian tendencies” in his party, then that is hypocritical. Because Meuthen could have smelled for years how much the “fermented heap” stinks around him.

Meuthen should have ended the foul process – for example by throwing notorious mobsters like Björn Höcke or Stefan Brandner out of the party. Instead, however, Meuthen himself has repeatedly spread hate and hate speech and fueled racist resentment in the country – because that is exactly the capital from which his party makes votes.

A science despiser when it comes to climate protection

Meuthen once said that Germany as a whole was “dirty with the Left Green”. And when the mob in Chemnitz gave the Hitler salute on the street, Meuthen spoke of “smuggled provocateurs”. When it comes to climate protection, the AfD boss came out as a despiser of science; He called the demonstrations by schoolchildren “political child abuse”.

When Meuthen now complains that the AfD has taken on “sect-like traits” in its open sympathy for the “lateral thinking” movement, then those are crocodile tears. Because with the concerns from other parties against a general obligation to vaccinate, the AfD is losing its monopoly on indignation in the corona pandemic. And she has no other issues at the moment.

The captain is overboard, rudder hard right

Meuthen was himself a notorious provocateur, only in the sheep’s clothing of bourgeois friendliness. The loss of authority at the top of the party had been apparent for a long time. The faction leaders Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla have long been the face and voice of the AfD.

Now that the captain has disembarked, the officers on the bridge can also put their hands on the rudder. Your course points hard to the right.

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Lothar Lenz, ARD Berlin, 28.1.2022 · 18:07

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