A Lunar New Year event that will enrich your Lunar New Year holiday

A colorful Lunar New Year event is held to mark the Year of the Tiger. You can fortune fortune in the new year by wearing snow birch, or enjoy our traditional game. Special performances with the motif of a tiger and various folk games are waiting for you. If going out is burdensome, it is enough to spend the Lunar New Year holiday in a different way with ‘Cultural Life at Home’. We have compiled a collection of domestic and foreign New Year events that will make your Lunar New Year holiday more abundant.

‘A Story You Can Touch’ Event / COEX Aquarium

■ During the Lunar New Year, ‘A story you can touch’

COEX Aquarium is holding a ‘Story You Can Touch’ event from January 29th to February 6th to celebrate the joyous holiday. You can see a scene from a fairy tale in which a tiger appears as a photo zone. In the linked quiz event, a special postcard set of ‘My Own Tank’ is provided, and in the authentication photo event, prizes such as a coffee machine and gift cards are provided. A special feast was prepared for the creatures that welcome the Lunar New Year, and a feeding performance by an aquarist wearing a hanbok or tiger headband will be held. On the other hand, if you wear hanbok or traditional clothes of your country, you will receive a discount on site.

'New Year is here' event / Korean Folk Village
‘New Year is here’ event / Korean Folk Village

■ ‘A new year is here’ with a tiger

The Korean Folk Village is holding a ‘New Year’s Come Heung’ from January 29th to February 20th to celebrate Lunar New Year’s Day and Jeongwol Daeboreum. From January 29th, you can enjoy ▲Wearing Seolbim and bowing down ▲The secrets of fortune-telling for the year of Lim In-Yeon ▲Creating this year’s fortune. On the day of Lunar New Year’s Day, a ceremony to pray for the happiness and peace of visitors is held at the main gate of the folk village. A performance of jishin trampoline, a traditional game of exhilaration, will also be held. Meanwhile, in the Tiger Forest, you can see wooden tiger sculptures and tiger traps for catching tigers from the Joseon Dynasty. There is also a tiger den experience to experience ‘even if you go into a tiger’s den, you can live if you are conscious’.

On the other hand, the ‘Family Discount with Hoya’ package, which a family of four can enjoy, offers up to 40% discount on free pass and presents ‘Hoya’ doll, the representative tiger character of the Korean Folk Village.

Village View / Petite France & Italian Village Pinocchio Wada Vinci
Village View / Petite France & Italian Village Pinocchio Wada Vinci

■ ‘Starlight Festival’ in an exotic European village

Let’s go to Gapyeong, where you can enjoy the exotic European scenery these days, where it is difficult to travel abroad due to the prolonged Corona 19. Petite France & Italian Village Pinocchio Wada Vinci prepared an aerial starlight lighting event to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Aerial starlight lighting is produced centered on the Petite France outdoor stage and Italian villages. There is also a surprise event to take a commemorative photo with Pinocchio character in an Italian village. Open every Friday and Saturday until 7pm.

‘Zipkok Cultural Life Lunar New Year Special Exhibition’ poster / Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

■ If going out is burdensome, ‘Culture life at home’

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is running a ‘Zipkok Cultural Life New Year Special Exhibition’ that guides people to enjoy performances and exhibitions at home. The period is from January 28th to February 6th and will be conducted non-face-to-face.

This special exhibition is ▲The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art’s online exhibition commentary ‘Meet Park Soo-Geun at home’ ▲The Korea Creative Content Agency’s ‘Gwanghwa Pungryu’, which connects virtual and reality under the theme of the history, present, and future of Gwanghwamun, ▲The 30th anniversary of the excavation and restoration of Gyeongbokgung Palace. The Cultural Heritage Administration’s special exhibition ‘Forbidden City Yeonhwa’, a new performance by the National Theater Company, ‘Manseon’, and the National Treasure Banga Sayyu Award ‘Room of Thought’, etc. Commentary on permanent and special exhibitions at the National Museum of Korea You can enjoy the back.

/ Jeju Shinhwa World
Wonder Light Fireworks / Jeju Shinhwa World

■ ‘Lighting Show’ that will captivate the seol-kance people

Jeju Shinhwa World will hold a ‘Wonder Light’ fireworks display at 8:30 PM every day from January 28 to February 2, when the Lunar New Year holiday begins. The outdoor lighting show with music is held 3 times every evening and anyone can watch it for free. In addition, from January 29th to February 2nd, a special performance with a tiger motif will be held at Shinhwa Theme Park. In addition, the four mascots will perform together with the band Il-chi and Soria Band.

Unusual Festival / Paradise City
Unusual Festival / Paradise City

■ ‘Unusual Festival’ in Paradise

Resort PARADISE CITY is holding the ‘Unusual Festival’ to celebrate the Lunar New Year. About 30 works from the ‘Naesung’ series, a representative work of artist Hyunjung Kim, are on display. There is also a photo zone with ‘Ilwol Obongdo’ in the background so that visitors can become the protagonists of Korean folktales and take a photo. The period is from January 28th to February 20th.

Folklore programs are also held. You can play with making your own takji, and enjoy jumping, jegi kick, and large-scale yut play. The experience is for 3 days from January 30th to February 1st.

Lunar New Year's Traditional Play Event / Gyeongju Expo Grand Park
Lunar New Year’s Traditional Play Event / Gyeongju Expo Grand Park

■ Busking and traditional games in Gyeongju

Gyeongju Expo Grand Park will hold traditional games and performances for 5 days from January 29th to February 2nd. You can experience traditional games such as tuho throw, large yutnori, and hangung. Busking performances such as pansori and fusion traditional music are also held every day. Admission discount benefits are available to visitors with tiger stripes or items with tigers on them, as well as families of three generations. You can get a discount of 4,000 won at the park, 3,000 won at the Luminite, and 1,000 won at the ice rink.

Cover of ‘The Year of the Black Tiger’ / Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

■ New Year’s Eve with the world

The Overseas Culture and Public Relations Agency affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced that it will hold an event where locals can eat rice cake soup and experience traditional games. It is hosted by 21 Korean Cultural Centers in 20 countries. ▲The Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong makes rice cake soup ▲The Korean Cultural Center in Tokyo is a Korean paper craft experience ▲The Korean Cultural Center in Washington DC exhibits hanbok and fashion show in cooperation with the John F. How to set up a table to learn by using ▲The Korean Cultural Center in Mexico is holding an online event to learn how to make New Year’s dishes such as rice cake soup and galbi-jjim.

Taejongdae Amusement Park Campaign Poster / Busan Tourism Organization
Taejongdae Amusement Park Campaign Poster / Busan Tourism Organization

■ Participate in blood donation and ‘healing up’

From January 29th to February 6th, Busan Tourism Organization will conduct a ‘Healing Up Campaign to Participate in Blood Donation’ and a ‘Tiger Ride Free Ride Promotion’ for visitors to Taejongdae Amusement Park in Busan. Blood donors will receive a free ride on the Danubi train and a ‘Taejongdae quarantine kit’ on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, from January 29 to February 6, a promotion for free rides on the Danubi train (1,000 won discount per accompanying person) will be held for tourists in the year of the tiger. On the other hand, visitors with the letters ‘Im’, ‘In’, ‘Beom’, or ‘Ho’ in their names can receive a 1,000 won discount on the Danubi train ticket. Closed days are January 31st and February 1st.


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