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28.01.2022 – 19:54


GLASGOW, Scotland, April 20 /PRNewswire/

XRdoge has announced a brand new utility project. It turns from a meme coin to a green coin. Since launching last year, XRdoge has already added a utility to its memetics – a web payment gateway and a DEX interface. Now XRdoge is tapping into one of the fastest growing crypto markets – the Green Revolution.

XRdoge: Come for the memes, stay for the utility.

XRdoge turns into the Green Meme Coin. The new Green Utility Project will automate household carbon offset requirements. With an innovative patent-pending hardware device and XRdoge as an intermediary utility token, the customer can transfer real value and offset their carbon footprint.

Raymond Thomson, co-founder of XRdoge:

“The goal is for the XRdoge cryptocurrency to serve as a utility and utility bridge between a patented hardware device for home use and real-world compensating programs.

The automated system will effortlessly improve environmental friendliness. And the memes make the process fun and engaging. Being green doesn’t have to be boring!”

Some coins remain meme coins forever. And some utility coins forget the importance of memes when it comes to capturing the consumer’s imagination. XRdoge is at the forefront of a new synthesis of memes and utility.

Raymond Thomson, co-founder of XRdoge:

“XRdoge used memes to create a strong base in the global crypto world, now we will use our memetic base to show how XRdoge’s utility can help change the world.”

With hardware patent pending and new carbon offset partnerships to be announced soon, XRdoge appears to occupy a unique place in the cryptosphere – using memes and utility to make the world a greener and better place close.

When asked why XRdoge decided to base its cryptocurrency on the XRP ledger network, Raymond Thomson said:

“The XRP ledger network is already one of the fastest and greenest crypto networks. Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens, the carbon footprint for transactions is tiny. This made it the perfect network for XRdoge to support the Green Revolution.”

XRdoge is a token based on the decentralized, public XRP ledger. More details about the new XRdoge Green Utility project can be found in the Whitepaper. More details about the entire XRdoge Project can be found on the Website.

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