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28.01.2022 – 14:27

KiKA – The children’s channel ARD/ZDF

Erfurt (ots)

As the Association of German Film Critics (VdFk) announced, the production “Madison — Unbraked Girlpower” (KiKA/MDR), created from the initiative “The Special Children’s Film”, was nominated for the German Film Critics’ Prize in the category “Best Children’s Film”. nominated. As a national and international reference for children’s films in the public sector, KiKA played a key role in the realization of the film. The winners will be announced on February 9th.

“Madison – Unbraked Girl Power” is about the twelve-year-old racing cyclist Madison (Felice Ahrens). For as long as she can remember, she has wanted to be the fastest and she gives everything to do so: training to the point of exhaustion, giving up free time and making friends. Her father Timo (Florian Lukas) shows the way: He is a celebrated professional cyclist who absolutely wants his daughter to follow in his footsteps. When she is thrown out of the national squad’s training camp because of something stupid, Madison hides with her mother, who is vacationing in Tyrol. For the first time she can enjoy all the freedom there without pressure and ambition. Madison himself is surprised that the relaxed downhilling with the girls and boys of the small mountain town is so much fun! But then Timo comes to get his daughter back for training. Madison must choose between her old life and her new friends.

Filming under the direction of Kim Strobl, who has already produced several short films that have won international awards, took place in 2019. Mainly shot in Thuringia, Bavaria and Tyrol, the feature film shows in exciting scenes, among other things, the scenery of the velodrome in Erfurt Andreasried.

“Madison – Unbraked Girl Power” is a German-Austrian production of Dor Film-West Germany in co-production with Dor Film Austria, KiKA (leading), MDR with the support of the initiative “The Special Children’s Film”, the Film Promotion Agency, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and media, the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, the German Film Fund and the Austrian Film Institute, the film location Austria, the Filmfonds Vienna, Cine Tirol and ORF (film/television agreement). The editors are Stefan Pfäffle (KiKA) and Anke Lindemann (MDR).

You can find more information on the KiKA corporate communications portal at kommunikation.kika.de.

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