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28.01.2022 – 12:48

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re single, happily taken or just in love – on February 14th, the day of love, nobody really wants to be alone. The most dates of the year probably take place on the well-known Valentine’s Day and romantics really get their money’s worth. But what to do if unwanted pimples appear just before the most important date of the year? The acute help from SALTHOUSE Natural Minerals was developed for such cases, which has a targeted anti-inflammatory effect on pimples and impurities with the combination of original Dead Sea minerals and salicylic acid.

Everyone wants flawless skin. But pimples and redness can mess up the bigger picture and aren’t just a teenage problem. Especially when looking for a partner, skin impurities can inhibit. According to a survey [1] by the cosmetics company Salthouse Natural Mineral on the subject of “skin and relationships”, a full 77 percent of those surveyed feel more like dating if they have clear skin. Every second person even confirms that they fall in love faster when their complexion is clear. So the solution seems simple: With the right skin care routine, nothing stands in the way of great love. However, the majority of participants (87 percent) stated that they struggled with annoying impurities and pimples from time to time. So acute help is needed that can quickly remedy the situation so that the planned rendezvous for the upcoming Valentine’s Day doesn’t fall through. Because thanks to effective SOS helpers, pimples and impurities can be specifically and effectively combated overnight.

Farewell to pimples thanks to the latest beauty trends

The anti-pimple acute ice gel from SALTHOUSE Natural Minerals is the cool immediate help for exceptional pimple situations. Original Dead Sea minerals, salicylic acid and cooling menthol are the right combination for quick help with pimples and impurities. The transparent gel absorbs quickly without irritating the skin. Another solution for pimples that have already broken out is SALTHOUSE Natural Minerals anti-pimple patches. The combination of original Dead Sea minerals and salicylic acid effectively dries out the culprit and pulls impurities to the surface. The antibacterial and horn-dissolving effect counteracts pimple-causing bacteria. The pimple is flatter and the redness is reduced. Last but not least, the innovation in anti-pimple care, SALTHOUSE Natural Minerals anti-pimple microneedling patches can even create a lasting reduction in early-stage pimples and underground pimples. Self-dissolving hyaluronic acid gel needles on the patches transport the effective duo of original Dead Sea minerals and salicylic acid deeper into the skin and act on the source of the pimple – after just one hour.

The right care routine for prevention

However, one thing must not be forgotten: the acute help is intended for the short-term treatment of skin problems, but not for the prevention of blemishes. Therefore, a proper and regular skin care routine is essential. SALTHOUSE Natural Minerals offers an anti-pimple wash gel, a clarifying facial tonic, a 24-hour moisturizing cream and a cleansing mask with alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Released endorphins do the rest on Valentine’s Day, with 44 percent saying their skin’s appearance improves when they’re in love or newly in a relationship.

[1] Based on a skin and relationship market research study conducted by cosmetics company Salthouse Natural Minerals in January 2022 among 1,000 people between the ages of 15 and 35.

About SALTHOUSE Natural Minerals

SALTHOUSE Natural Minerals is a brand of Murnauer Markenvertrieb GmbH from Egelsbach. Thanks to decades of cooperation with the internationally operating Dead Sea plants in Israel, Murnauer Markenvertrieb GmbH guarantees excellent quality for original Dead Sea salt. Murnauer Markenvertrieb GmbH sees itself committed to the high art of combining the unique active ingredient of the mineral salts from the Dead Sea with tradition and high-technology components of modern cosmetic research to create effective care compositions. The Dead Sea Salt from SALTHOUSE Natural Minerals has a unique concentration of minerals that differs from “normal” sea salt. The particularly high concentration of magnesium, potassium, calcium and bromine has a positive and extremely nourishing effect on the skin. More info at https://natural-minerals.com.

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