▷ Stracke/Reichel: New concepts for a modern working environment

28.01.2022 – 15:22

CDU/CSU – parliamentary group

Berlin (ots)

The “Future of Work” working group is formed within the Work and Social Affairs working group

Today, Friday, the “Future of Work” working group was constituted as part of the Labor and Social Affairs working group of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group. The labor market and social policy spokesman for the parliamentary group, Stephan Stracke, and the coordinator of the working group, Markus Reichel, explain:

Stephan Stracke: “Today the working group ‘Future of Work’ was founded within the working group on work and social affairs. Dr. Markus Reichel takes over the coordinating management of the working group in this electoral term. The successful work of the 19th electoral term is thus continued.

In the last election period, the digital further education platform ‘MILLA’ was developed under the direction of Thomas Heilmann. The working group will continue to serve as an impetus. Its aim is to accompany the changes in the world of work and to initiate change processes.

Our working world is undergoing fundamental change due to demographic changes, digitization and decarbonization. For us as a Union faction, it is important to actively shape this change in the interests of employees and companies. This requires a fair balance of interests. In this way, Germany remains economically strong and socially just.

I am pleased that the new working group has now started its work and I wish all members every success.”

Markus Reichel: “As a newly elected member of parliament, I am delighted to be taking over the management of the ‘Future of Work’ working group from Thomas Heilmann and I would like to continue this with new impulses.

The world of work is facing major changes in the coming years. The digital transformation of the working world is characterized by new innovation dynamics and leads to new working models. The transition to the platform economy creates new challenges for both companies and employees. Mobile working has established itself as a form of work due to Corona. Further changes such as the automation of certain work processes are only just beginning. We will adapt to these changes by improving concepts for lifelong learning and qualification in companies.

We want to continue to develop concepts for a modern working world in which work and family can be better reconciled.”

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