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28.01.2022 – 18:59


Heidelberg (ots)

Friedrich Merz uses the momentum. After his outstanding party vote last weekend, the new CDU leader immediately secured the chairmanship of the parliamentary group by announcing incumbent Ralph Brinkhaus a candidacy. He had to realize that despite his popularity in the faction, he would ultimately have been at a disadvantage here. Because the deputies of the CDU and CSU could not afford to dismantle the third CDU chairman in three years – and to ignore the declared desire of the party base for renewal and unity. By stepping aside – albeit obviously with a heavy heart – the faction leader spares the Union a power struggle. A merit that may one day be of use to him. Merz, on the other hand, knows from the example of Angela Merkel, who herself pushed him out of the office of parliamentary group leader 20 years ago, that a strong opposition leader needs the power of party and parliamentary group chairmen alike. The fact that he also takes full responsibility should hardly bother him. Because if the 66-year-old wants to become more than an interim chairman, he has to put everything on one card anyway.

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