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28.01.2022 – 06:57

Save the Children Deutschland e.V.

Berlin/Myanmar (ots)

A year after the military took power in Myanmar in a coup d’état, violence against the civilian population, children and workers of humanitarian organizations is escalating. In the past two weeks alone, children have been killed in multiple bombings and military attacks in Kayah State and Sagaing Region. Among the latest victims were two young girls, sisters, who were killed in a bomb attack on a camp for internally displaced people.

“Once again, children are bearing the brunt of the conflict: over 150,000 girls and boys were forced to flee last year. These 150,000 children will hardly see their friends, school or home again,” says Inger Ashing, CEO of Save the Children International. “The families have to hide in the jungles and forests. They live in terrible conditions. We are doing what we can to provide much-needed assistance, but food, clean water, medical care and education remain difficult to access. These children are at risk of being trafficked, abused, or recruited by armed groups, or even killed in the worst-case scenario.”

The latest United Nations figures show that at least 405,700 people have fled violence in Myanmar since the military coup, more than 100,000 in the last month alone. Almost 40 percent of the refugees are children who are exposed to hunger, disease and danger. Violence has escalated in recent months, particularly in south-eastern Kayah state. According to the UN, over 90,000 people have fled the state since February 2021. The estimates are far higher: probably more than half of the 300,000 inhabitants had to leave their homes.

Before the coup, 370,000 people were already displaced across the country, including tens of thousands of Rohingya children living in prison-like camps in Rakhine state. The situation of these people and the nearly 500,000 Rohingya children who have fled to Bangladesh with their families remains precarious. The military’s current brutal tactics in Myanmar are reminiscent of the atrocities committed against the Rohingya in 2017, which will mark the fifth anniversary of this August, according to Save the Children.

“The military in Myanmar, as well as all other armed actors, must uphold international humanitarian law, protect children and allow humanitarian aid to flow freely. Likewise, members of the UN Security Council must live up to their shared responsibility to address the unfolding crisis in Myanmar,” Ashing said. “Member states must impose an arms embargo, focusing on limiting airstrikes. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) must also meet to implement the ‘five-point consensus plan’ agreed in April 2021, which calls for an end to violence and called for the support of the ASEAN special envoy in brokering a diplomatic solution. These steps are critical to protecting children, their communities and humanitarian workers.”

Save the Children has been operating in Myanmar since 1995, leading vital health, nutrition, education and child protection programs across the country with more than 50 partners and 900 employees. Following the December 24, 2021 attack that killed two children’s rights organization staff, the majority of programs have resumed and the organization remains fully committed to helping the most vulnerable children, especially at this critical time.

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