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28.01.2022 – 12:06

MDR Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Leipzig (ots)

New online offerings, regional diversity and even more background information: Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk will continue to consistently expand its information offerings in 2022. New digital formats are planned for various ways of playing – including a news format for children with gaming avatars. In addition, the three state broadcasting houses of the MDR in Dresden, Magdeburg and Erfurt will further consolidate their regional competence with new formats and even more public dialogue and intensify the neighborhood network with Poland and the Czech Republic.

Ines Hoge-Lorenz, Director MDR-Landesfunkhaus Sachsen-Anhalt: “If we want to reach new target groups with our news offerings, we have to go where these users are. MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT decided early on to be present on relevant platforms. With our new compact news overview on Instagram, we are now taking a further step and testing for the entire MDR how this format is received by people.”

Sandro Viroli, director of the MDR state broadcasting center in Saxony: “The proximity to the people in the region is the basis of our work. Strengthening the dialogue with and between them and thus contributing to social cohesion is one of our most important concerns, also and especially under pandemic conditions. With campaigns such as our tour ‘MDR SACHSEN is listening!’ we experience a great need for this among the population.”

Boris Lochthofen, director of the MDR state broadcasting center in Thuringia: “Thuringia stands for surprising and exciting political topicality, which we will of course accompany with the current offers from MDR THÜRINGEN and our strong special formats, such as the summer interviews, for the people in the Free State . In addition, Thuringia will be the host country for anniversaries of national and international format in 2022. A lot of material for our reporting, special programs and a maximum of Thuringia in the MDR.

Innovative: Message format for children with gaming avatars

A live animated robot avatar in space optics as anchorman of a news program? That’s what’s on MDR this year: “WozUp” – a gaming-style news format intended to inspire kids with real, up-to-date information and facts. “WozUp” is one of the winners of the “MDR next” innovation competition and, after a successful test run, will be launched in May with very positive reactions from the preteen target group MDR Tweens and YouTube.

The concept: Teens and twenty-somethings tend to find classic news boring. It’s different with “WozUp”, because the format caters to the viewing habits of the young target group and combines gaming elements with real news content. In this way, carefully researched information and facts can also reach children and young people who have previously had little or no interest in them.

Digital and regional – The new information offers from the MDR state broadcasting houses

In May 2022, the MDR state radio stations in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia will start a new web format of the same name in addition to the TV series “Unterwegs in…”. The protagonists of the future weekly offer in the ARD media center and on YouTube show attractive tourist offers in Central Germany and give many practical tips on sustainable nature, culture and regional tourism.

MDR SAXONY-ANHALT starts on March 7th a new online news format for Instagram and mdr.de. Every working day at 6 p.m., the question “What was important today?” is answered in just one minute in an informative and relaxed manner. In the moderated short video, users learn what the three most important topics of the day were.

MDR SAXONY is also focusing on targeted audience dialogue in the current year and, among other things, is starting the MDR Mittendrin tour “MDR SACHSEN listens to you!” in September. In addition, MDR SACHSEN 2022 looks back on the flood of the century twenty years ago and wants to show how those affected managed to cope with this natural disaster and its consequential damage.

MDR THURINGIA has, among other things, two major events of national and international format in the focus of reporting. In 2022, for example, Thuringia is this year’s host state on the Day of German Unity, and the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the Bible translation by Martin Luther at the Wartburg, which had to be canceled last year due to the pandemic, will be made up for.

A look at the neighbors: country network and Eastern European expertise

In November 2021, the first binational ARD studio was opened in Görlitz. Here, Klaudia Kandzia and Tomasz Sikora produce radio reports that are broadcast equally on MDR SACHSEN – Das Sachsenradio and Radio Wrocław in Poland. The Polish partner station also uses it for its cross-border magazine “Hallo sąsiedzi” and the program for the German minority in Lower Silesia “Sami swoi”. The bilingual team recently dealt with, among other things, the rapidly growing tank tourism in the border region, accompanied a Chemnitz delegation that was in Breslau to find out about experiences during the Capital of Culture year, presented a cross-border travel guide for senior citizens, reported on the first Stolperstein laying in Zgorzelec, the Edith Stein Year in Breslau and the bilingual school education in Görlitz’s Augustum-Anne-Gymnasium. MDR intends to further expand this variety of topics and expertise on site in the future and use it for even more playout channels. The Görlitz team will soon also be delivering television reports from the border region.

Looking at its eastern neighbors and Eastern Europe in general is part of MDR’s self-image as the “voice of the East”. This also includes current world politics. For example, MDR television is now showing the MDR/ARTE documentary in the ARD media library and on January 30, from 10 p.m. on MDR television “The Legacy of a World Power – Geopolitics on the Ruins of the Soviet Union”, which explains background information in the context of the unrest in Kazakhstan and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which contributes to the understanding of current political developments.

“MDRfrage” – now with 50,000 participants

In 2021, MDRfrage brought the opinions and moods of people in Central Germany into the program with 62 surveys. The opinion barometer has now reached the mark of 50,000 actively registered participants in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. So far, more than nine hours of radio and TV programs have been filled with the results and personal stories from the MDRfrage community, and more than 200 online reports and app stories have been contributed to the digital offering of MDR.

In 2022, MDRfrage wants to create even more opportunities to make people’s opinions heard – in the program and in encounters with those responsible from politics, business and society.

There is more information here.

On the background of “Information and Regionality”

“Information and regionality” is one of three core areas of the new strategic concept “MDR for everyone” along with “fictional and documentary storytelling” and “innovative, young culture”, with which the MDR would like to address and reach those population groups even more in the future only have it a little or not at all in their timeline.

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