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28.01.2022 – 10:25

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Due to the corona pandemic, many people have worked from home for the first time and have come to appreciate the advantages that come with it. Surveys confirm that many workers want to work from home occasionally or even permanently even after the pandemic. Many companies want to continue to fulfill this wish in the future. Because not only employees benefit from the advantages of the home office, but also for companies there can be advantages and cost savings.

But the switch to more flexible working models with home office shares not only requires good organization, but also consideration and redesign of the existing premises. As an experienced company in the residential construction industry, the AMADEUS Group knows what is important when it comes to modern office solutions.

From hybrid models to mobile work – different forms of home office

Home office is generally used colloquially for working from home. There are different forms of home office. If employees are given a permanent workplace in their home, this is referred to as teleworking. The term home office, on the other hand, is mostly used for occasional work from home. In contrast to telework, the requirements, such as the ergonomic design of the workplace, are lower. The alternating model of working from home and being present in the office is referred to as hybrid working. If employees do their work at any location outside of the office, this is mobile working.

It is advisable to have a written agreement between the employer and the employee on the framework conditions of the working model for every form of home office. The regulations on occupational safety, data protection and working time regulations apply to all forms of home office.

Desk sharing: the combination of office and home office

According to surveys, most people do not want to work completely from home, but want to be able to switch flexibly between the office and home office. Such a hybrid model has many advantages, but results in a different use of the existing office space.

Even before Corona, all jobs were rarely occupied. Business trips, holidays and part-time employment mean that there are always a few places left vacant. Due to Corona, some employees work completely or on a daily basis in the home office, so that many offices are even completely empty. The costs for these jobs are nevertheless continuously borne by companies. The desk sharing principle can combine greater flexibility with lower costs.

The principle is simple: there are no longer any fixed workplaces, but several employees share the places available in the company. Good organization is required for desk sharing to work. Due to the constant exchange with B2B customers, the AMADEUS Group knows that booking tools for the timely reservation of workplaces can simplify the implementation. In addition, general rules such as a “clean desk” – i.e. the tidy workplace after work – should be introduced.

Tips from the AMADEUS Group for using free space in the office

Companies benefit from the desk sharing principle in many ways. Financial advantages result from the reduced equipment with furniture and hardware. In addition, new, free areas are created that a company can use individually. Agile working methods, new forms of collaboration and creative zones are becoming increasingly important. However, moving the chairs and tables is not enough. In order to profitably integrate the new office space into everyday working life, good planning and conception are required. Meeting rooms should be set up in areas where there are few distractions. Zones for spontaneous brainstorming or a short stand-up meeting, on the other hand, can be placed centrally in the building. Taking into account the spatial requirements, the requirements of the company and the needs of the employees, workspaces are created that can develop new potential.

Both the desk-sharing principle and the additional opportunities for collaboration can promote mutual exchange. So that employees feel comfortable and identify with the company despite not having their own workplace, they should be involved in the design of the new office space. The planning of the newly used rooms should also take into account options for accommodating private things. Lockers in the entrance area are practical, but seem very impersonal. A more flexible alternative are lockable roll containers.

Hybrid work in properties of the AMADEUS Group

Hybrid working means more than providing the team with a laptop. In order for more flexible working models to work in the long term, comprehensive planning is required. Because not every office is suitable for the flexible desk-sharing principle. In office buildings with predominantly individual offices, structural changes may also be necessary.

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The AMADEUS Group is the leading company in the residential construction industry in the Rhine-Main area and has been a pioneer in the construction of modern residential complexes since 1991.

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