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28.01.2022 – 08:25

Healthy Back Campaign V

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The wheel is still considered one of the simplest yet most ingenious inventions of mankind. Everything can be so light when it just rolls. But there is something that is anything but easy: changing tires. Many motorists face this task twice a year and heavy lifting is involved. If you take a few tips to heart or let the car professional do the job with the right tools, then an everyday tour de force can become child’s play. The Healthy Back Campaign (AGR) will tell you how it’s done.

My darling, come on I’ll do it…

… Ireen Sheer sang years ago. And in fact, according to a forsa survey conducted by a large tire manufacturer in 2020, around 24% of Germans change tires themselves, the rest have them changed, either by friends or by a professional. This means that around one in four people are at risk of damaging their back.

Without ahs and ohs – with the right equipment

When changing tires, nothing works without the appropriate tools. For example, the ADAC recommends a hydraulic jack, which makes work much easier. Furthermore, the following should be on the checklist before you can finally get started: Jack, jack stand, wheel cross, wire brush, container for screws or wheel nuts and torque wrench.

In addition to the classic rules such as checking the tires themselves for any damage or properly tightening the tires, it is above all important to pay attention to the correct procedure in order to protect your back as much as possible and not to put any incorrect strain on it.

If the wheel cap or screw cover is loose, it is best to kneel parallel to the wheel and use the strength of your torso and arm muscles to use the wheel wrench. This protects the spine.

The new bike is best fitted with the help of another person. If you lift alone, make sure that you lift from your knees and not just straighten your back. In this way, the pressure on the intervertebral discs is minimized. So take a stand with your legs apart and squat down. The back should be as straight as possible. Grasp the hoop with both hands, pull the weight close to your torso, and push yourself up.

The wheel nuts do not have to be tightened in an exhausting manner when tightening them. Set the correct, vehicle-specific value with the torque wrench and tighten until it signals that the value has been reached. Of course, retighten after a few kilometers driven.

AGR recommends BHK rule – but right!

In general, you should heed a small EGR rule of thumb. With the BHK rule, you can not only proceed in a back-friendly way when changing tires, but also with many other everyday tasks.

The BHK rule of the AGR for physically demanding tasks is:

If possible at Bback – Heven – Knew year

– the strength from the legs

and don’t pull from your back!

The professional pays attention to that

Especially in the tire change season, automotive mechatronics work under particular pressure and in several respects. Carrying out the same activities and movements over a period of several weeks is a strain on the body. Various scientific studies in the field of occupational safety have shown that the hand-arm vibrations from heavy work equipment can cause fine motor impairments, tension in the neck, shoulder and arm areas or even a herniated disc.

Good compressed air impact wrenches, which are comparatively light, quiet and ergonomically designed, can help here. A non-slip grip, optimal power transmission thanks to a suitable drive, operating pressure and an idle speed that is not too low – all this is easy on the muscles and prevents tension. Not only everyday products can be found at AGR, tools are also tested and certified. You can find more information about this here: www.agr-ev.de/druckluftschrauber

Further tips on the causes, treatment and prevention of back pain can be found on the website of Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. under www.agr-ev.de.

About the EGR

The Healthy Back Campaign (AGR) e. V. has been working for over 20 years to create awareness of the importance of back-friendly conditions. The AGR seal of quality “Tested & recommended” is an important decision-making aid for consumers. Everyday objects that are classified as particularly back-friendly by independent medical bodies can be awarded the renowned seal.

Further information on the AGR seal of approval and certified products can be found at www.ruecken-produkte.de.

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