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28.01.2022 – 20:50


Bonn/Berlin (ots)

Bonn/Berlin, January 28, 2022. The Federal Minister for Economics and Climate Protection, Robert Habeck (B’90/Greens), sees energy prices at such a high level only temporarily. “First of all, energy policy measures will ultimately make it cheaper. Renewable energies are cheaper than gas and coal,” said Habeck in the phoenix interview. “What we are experiencing at the moment – the sharp rise in prices – is an increase in the fossil sector. If we now switch off coal in perspective by 2030 with an ambitious goal and greatly expand renewables, we need gas-fired power plants to fill in the gaps.” Once this route has been completed, it will “become cheaper overall, only the transformation and this phase after Corona, an emerging global economy, high speculation, the crisis in Ukraine and Russia, which is keeping the gas tap relatively tight – this is a time when the Prices can go through the roof.”

The Federal Minister of Economics sees the price development of the last few weeks as problematic. “The prices are too high, that is indeed the case. As a first step, we are now doing away with the EEG surcharge, which is then three cents per kilowatt hour that it goes down.” However, this only dampens the price increase, according to Habeck. Further measures against the price development would still be discussed. “But they are always very, very expensive.” In addition, “the debt brake is the limit” for further tax policy steps, according to the Federal Minister. “But you can immediately help socio-politically with those who are most in need.” In addition to the introduction of the minimum wage and basic child security, the heating cost subsidy for housing benefit will also be increased.

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