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28.01.2022 – 10:31

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“We have to start from social reality: family is diversity”, says Anne Spiegel (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, in the Interview with the parent magazine baby and family. “Family is where people take responsibility for each other.” This wording from the coalition agreement will diversity of family fair in our society, says the 41-year-old, who has four children with her husband. The family soon moved from Rhineland-Palatinate to Berlin.

The definition of family makes it clear: “Family is also the traditional marriage or partnership with no, one or more children, but it is much more: patchwork, single parents, large children, same-sex people and many other constellations, emphasizes Spiegel. She thinks it is important that politicians make this diversity visible and value it.

Focus on compulsory vaccination for people aged 18 and over

The new Federal Minister for Family Affairs concludes the conversation baby and family one Vaccination for children out: “This issue must not be dealt with on the backs of children and young people”, says mirror. “In the discussion, we should focus on compulsory vaccination for people aged 18 and over.”

The most important thing for them is “that at all Corona measuresthat are taken is always looked at: What does that do to children, families, young people”. Unfortunately, this has so far been neglected in the pandemic. “I am glad that we now have a broad basic political consensus, last but not least about the Closure of schools and day care centers to speak.” If more restrictive measures had to be taken again, it would be important to Spiegel that these explicitly refer to adults and Children and young people with their everyday life exclude.

It’s about much more than catching up on learning material

Because school is more than learning, emphasizes the Green politician. “I got involved in the discussion about that catching up on what has been missed annoyed that it was mainly about catching up on learning material.” In her opinion, it is about much more, about the everyday life of children and young people. He is an anchor, especially in such an uncertain pandemic, he gives stability and security – and the contact with peers be for children and young people “incredibly important”, according to Spiegel: “Much more important than for us adults, who can also find other ways to keep in touch.”

Here’s to full interview with Federal Minister for Family Affairs Anne Spiegel – You are welcome to quote from it with full naming and linking of the source.

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