▷ Despite the corona pandemic: DOSB is optimistic about the Winter Games in Beijing

28.01.2022 – 09:23

rbb – Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin (ots)

A week before the start of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the German delegation is optimistic that the corona pandemic will not endanger the games.

Dirk Schimmelpfennig, the head of mission from the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), said on Friday on rbb’s Inforadio that the athletes could feel safe on site – even if the situation was of course a big challenge:

“If you’re here and you’re in this close-loop, in this bubble – and we’ve been in it for a week now – then you’re really very safe. Similar to the experience in Tokyo. It’s the same there in the bubble itself almost nothing is happening in the German team. The difficulty is now, the incidence numbers in Germany are very high. It is much more difficult to enter without a virus than to stay here in Beijing without a virus.”

Listen to the interview: https://ots.de/7HKj8V

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