▷ Departure of AfD boss Meuthen: The party eats its children / commentary by Sebastian …

28.01.2022 – 21:49

badish newspaper

Friborg (ots)

“Jörg Meuthen suffered the same fate as his predecessors Bernd Lucke and Frauke Petry. He also lost the power struggle with the radical forces over the direction of the AfD. It seems to be a law within the AfD that they eat their own children – as soon as they seek conflict with the overpowering party right. (…) Now the party has finally decided on a right-wing course. That could get it bad in the four upcoming state elections in West Germany this year. That it came to this is because the Kehl university professor also has a good share. (…) Perhaps the party leader Meuthen was not much more than a bourgeois fig leaf from the start (…).” http://www.mehr.bz/khs29j

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