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28.01.2022 – 20:00

Central German newspaper

Halle/MZ (ots)

In view of the ongoing trade in fake corona vaccination certificates on the Telegram Internet platform, Saxony-Anhalt’s Interior Minister Tamara Zieschang (CDU) is calling for tougher action. This is reported by the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung from Halle in its weekend edition. “The legal regulations are currently ineffective at Telegram,” Zieschang admitted to the MZ. She is pushing for an EU-wide regulation that also forces online services based abroad to cooperate with the European security authorities. “This requires effective measures that actually work,” said the minister.

According to the State Criminal Police Office, the number of known cases of use and trade in false vaccination certificates in Saxony-Anhalt skyrocketed again in December. However, the black market on the Internet is still beyond the control of the authorities. With just a few clicks, yellow booklets can be ordered on Telegram for 50 to 250 euros. According to German law, the messenger service is actually obliged to delete criminal content and to pass on information to the police. The Dubai-based company has so far ignored government requests.

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