PCR tests: Concerns for associations

The prioritization of the PCR tests planned by the federal and state governments is causing unrest in the tourism industry, which has been badly hit by the Corona crisis. At the federal-state conference on Monday, it was announced that PCR tests in Germany would be prioritized in the future if the capacity limits in the laboratories were to be reached.

The DRV fears that these plans could make it more difficult for travelers to get a PCR test. The travel industry has already had to cope with a lot of restrictions due to the pandemic, the association writes in a statement. “Politicians must therefore ensure that a lack of PCR test capacities does not become another travel obstacle.”

The ASR also gets involved in the discussions and demands “that holidaymakers also be included in the list of prioritized social groups”. Elderly and previously ill people as well as health care staff can currently be found on this.

The vacationer booked his trip trusting that he could book the negative PCR test required for entry in good time before the start of the trip and that the result would be available on time, says ASR Vice President Anke Budde. “If vacationers are not among the prioritized social groups, there is a risk that PCR tests for vacation trips can only be carried out in private laboratories, which is expensive,” adds Winfried Schulze, responsible for tour operators and travel agencies in the ASR Presidium. This would result in additional costs that would have a massive impact on the holiday budget, especially for families. “The only alternative is to cancel the vacation trip at short notice, which then raises the question of who will bear the costs.”

The DRV also sees the danger that PCR test bottlenecks could slow down growth for travel agencies and tour operators and is calling for solutions. According to the DRV, some tour operators have already planned increased test capacities at private test centers for customers and support them accordingly.


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