Justin Trudeau, isolated five days after contact with person with COVID-19

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will spend the next five days in isolation after coming into contact with a person who contracted COVID-19, As reported on Thursday by the Canadian leader himself on Twitter.

Trudeau revealed that on Wednesday night he learned that he had been exposed to the coronavirus and that, After carrying out a rapid test that was negative, he will be isolated for the next five days following the regulations established by the health authorities..

“I’m fine and I’ll be working from home”said Trudeau.

Canadian Prime Minister has received three doses of the anti-covid vaccines. His wife, Sophie Gregoire, contracted the disease early in the pandemic and has recovered normally. The couple has indicated that their three children have been vaccinated against the disease.

Trudeau did not indicate the circumstances in which the contact with the person infected with the disease occurred.

But rules set by health authorities in Ottawa, where Trudeau resides, say people who don’t have symptoms and have a negative rapid antigen test don’t need to isolate unless they’ve been in contact with a close person, such as another family member.

From Monday to Wednesday, Trudeau participated in a three-day meeting of his cabinet and on Wednesday night he participated in a press conference in Ottawa along with several ministers.

Trudeau’s contact with the person affected by the disease occurred after the press conference.



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