Increase in domestic travel centered on vacation… Interpark Tour, domestic accommodation page completely reorganized

Interpark Tour completely revamped the domestic accommodation PC and mobile page UI/UX. It is part of a strategy to increase customer convenience while the popularity of domestic vacation-oriented travel continues as an alternative to overseas travel.

Through this reorganization, Interpark Tour has made major category icons for convenience expansion, strengthened linked product categories for cross-sale, upgraded accommodation facilities image and information, and improved comparison search function.

In the case of the first screen of domestic accommodation, if you have focused on popular products and promotions, now you can choose the type of accommodation you want, such as ‘Hotel’, ‘Resort’, ‘Pension’, ‘Pool Villa’, ‘Same-day special price’, ‘Coupons/benefits’, etc. I subdivided categories with icons and placed them at the top. In addition, icons that provide information on lodging-related products such as ‘Activity Buffet’ and ‘Jeju Travel Information’ or representative travel destinations in Korea were added to enable cross sale.

Interpark Tour reorganized the UI and UX of the domestic accommodation page. Mobile page screen / Interpark Tour

The image and information of accommodation facilities were also upgraded. When searching, it shows not only simple information about various lodgings, but also whether there is a promotion or a summary of the characteristics of the lodging. In addition, it is possible to intuitively and easily grasp all information about the accommodation within one page by inserting images of convenience and ancillary facilities related to the accommodation. In addition, the function to provide information according to the search has been further advanced so that optimized information can be displayed by entering a desired region or travel keyword when searching for accommodation.

An Interpark Tour official said, “As the popularity of domestic travel continues, the domestic accommodation page has been completely reorganized to maximize customer convenience. .

By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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