COVID: Unicef ​​defends that schools are open despite the high number of infections

Unicef ​​defended this Thursday that governments around the world have to do everything possible to keep schools open despite the high number of coronavirus infections. COVID-19 linked to the omicron variant of the virus.

The agency of HIM-HER-IT for children, which since the beginning of the pandemic has insisted on the importance of children being able to go to school in person, considered that this should also be the priority amid the wave of omicron cases that many countries in the world are experiencing. world.

In a statement titled “There are no excuses, keep the schools open, the children cannot wait”, the executive director of Unicef, Henrietta Fore, stressed that it is necessary to avoid “a catastrophe” in education.

To do this, Fore makes three major recommendations: keep schools open, vaccinate teachers immediately and support the vaccination of students, but never impose it as a requirement to be in class.

As he stressed, despite the “unprecedented challenges that the COVID19 pandemic is creating for education systems around the world”, it is necessary to “everything possible to keep children in schools.”

According to Unicef, it is estimated that some 616 million children are currently affected by partial or total closures of their centers.

The UN agency asks “Determined actions to enable every child to return to school”, with special attention to marginalized groups.

Regarding vaccination, Unicef ​​asks that educational personnel be given priority and supports that students be vaccinated when doses are available for their age and priority groups have already received them.

In this sense, it underlines that vaccination should not be a requirement for children to return to the classroom, as this jeopardizes their access to education and can foster an increase in inequalities.



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