AfD politician Bayerbach voted out as committee chairman

It is an apparently unique event in the history of the Bavarian state parliament: Because he did not credibly distance himself from an internal AfD chat with sometimes radical content, the AfD MP Markus Bayerbach was voted out as chairman of the education committee in the Bavarian state parliament. He is also accused of having told the untruth in a debate about the AfD chat in the education committee.

The result was clear: nine votes to two

In his last official act, Bayerbach himself announced the result of the non-public vote: nine of the eleven MPs present voted for the dismissal, two were against. Bayerbach’s deputy, Tobias Gotthardt, of the Free Voters has now taken over the chairmanship of the Education Committee. The AfD parliamentary group must now immediately propose a new chairman. The election is to take place at the next meeting of the Education Committee on February 3rd. Markus Bayerbach himself does not consider his deselection to be in accordance with the rules of procedure.

Civil war fantasies chat group

The background to the deselection is that Bayerbach was a member of an internal AfD Telegram chat group. In the group, individual members shared civil war fantasies. The BR published excerpts from this chat group in December last year. Bayerbach initially stated that he was not part of the chat group and later apologized for it. Many of the committee members were then of the opinion that the relationship of trust had been destroyed. According to the CSU parliamentary group, it is the first time in the history of the state parliament that a committee chairman has been voted out.

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