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27.01.2022 – 18:18

Cologne review

Cologne (ots)

He’s staying, at least for now. A new resignation request from Reinhard Cardinal Marx would not make any sense after all the experiences that have recently been made with the handling of such events by Pope Francis – despite all the mistakes that Marx has to blame himself for. Even if the archbishop of Munich continues and only (as in Cologne) the official has to go:

At least this archbishop is finally admitting his personal responsibility, a week after the submission of the report by the Westpfahl Spilker Wastl chancellery. Previously, his predecessor Friedrich Cardinal Wetter had done the same thing, while the other former Munich shepherd who was still alive, Benedict XVI, avoided it.

Mind you: You don’t have to accept every evaluation of the experts. Neither do Marx and Wetter. But what applies – beyond Munich – is Wetter’s statement: A bishop has an undelegable personal responsibility. Period. Ironically, Joseph Ratzinger, who likes to mystify spiritual offices so much, ignores this responsibility when he refers to ignorance in the case of a pedosexual priest. Then he would have had to gather information. The ex-papal excuses are just embarrassing.

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