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27.01.2022 – 14:31

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In the Südwestrundfunk podcasts, users get background information from politics, society, culture, knowledge, education and sport, but also stimulating entertainment, high-quality talk and comedy. There will be two restarts in February 2022: DASDING will publish the young political podcast “Die & Du” with Johanna Kürwitz and Victoria Lauer (from January 27). The podcast “Breitscheidplatz” (SWR/rbb) accompanies an ARD research team who want to find out whether the attack there in 2016 could have been prevented (six episodes, from February 18). Other highlights are the knowledge podcast “jule be like” with the Stuttgart influencer Jule Nagel and the “SWR3 Topthema” as a podcast. All podcasts are available in the ARD Audiothek.

“Die & Du”: Political podcast by DASDING with Johanna Kürwitz and Victoria Lauer

Victoria and Johanna are 19 and 20 years old, originally from the Moselle and now living in Berlin. In the new DASDING podcast “Die & Du” they devote themselves entirely to their mission: simply explaining politics – at eye level, by young people for young people. They start with the everyday life of their listeners, ask the essential questions, look behind the scenes of politics and check where it matters. They have already demonstrated this very successfully on their Instagram channel “jung & politic”, for which they were awarded the Youth Democracy Prize 2021.

From January 27, 2022, every two weeks, on Thursdays, in the ARD Audiothek, on DASDING.de and on the usual podcast portals.

“Breitscheidplatz” – On the trail of journalistic research

In December 2016, a truck crashed into a Berlin Christmas market. There are dead, injured and one big question: How could this happen? This question is not only asked by the bereaved and investigators, but also by an investigative team from rbb. It uncovers detail after detail over the years: the police knew the assassin, clues were not properly assessed. The authors Birgit Tanner and Simone Schillinger tell the story of this research. Research that will lead to Iraq five years after the attack. Research that inevitably leads to a question: Could the authorities have prevented the attack?

Six episodes, starting February 18, 2022, in the ARD Audiothek and up the popular podcast platforms.

“jule be like”: understanding the world with influencer Jule Nagel

“There are no stupid questions!” Influencer Jule Nagel (@julesboringlife) sets out under this motto in her new SWR podcast “jule be like”: The 19-year-old from Stuttgart wants to find out everything about an everyday topic that is relevant to her on behalf of her listeners, whether it’s love , friendship, dream job or the fall of the wall. In her podcast she also talks about this with exciting, sometimes unconventional guests. Knowledge in various areas is imparted in an entertaining way. Themes of the first two episodes: “Without the fall of the wall – without me!” and “Best Friends Forever?!”. January 27th is about cancer and Jules’ own cancer.

Since January 13, 2022, every two weeks, on Thursdays in the ARD Audiothek, im Youtube-Kanal SWR Plus, on kindernetz.de as well as on the well-known podcast platforms.

“SWR3 Topthema”: the daily information focus from the SWR3 afternoon show

The “SWR3 Topthema” provides orientation and provides detailed and competent information on the most important topic of the day. For example, it is about canceled electricity contracts, dilapidated motorway bridges or pesticides in food. To do this, SWR3 authors research backgrounds and facts, conduct interviews, ask questions and classify. The “SWR3 Topthema” appears as a podcast from Monday to Friday around 6 p.m. and offers a rested focus in the otherwise fast-paced world of news in around three to four minutes.

Monday to Friday, always around 6 p.m ARD Audiothek, on SWR3.de and on the usual podcast platforms.

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