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27.01.2022 – 08:30


Tel Aviv, Israel (ots/PRNewswire)

When tasted side-by-side, the samples were indistinguishable to the jury of professional chefs, indicating a potentially massive impact on the poultry industry

SuperMeat, a food technology company that develops industry-leading cultured meat products, today announced the results of the first-ever blind test of cultured chicken compared to regular, conventionally produced chicken. The tasting revealed that the two are indistinguishable – an industry milestone that represents a significant shift in food technology.

At the SuperMeat restaurant in Tel Aviv The Chicken, the world’s first restaurant serving cultured meat dishes and the site of the SuperMeat manufacturing facility, leading culinary figures, including MasterChef judge Michal Ansky, gathered to judge the tasting. Each participant was given ground cultured and traditional chicken – without any seasoning, processing or flavor overlay – and was split in their responses, with it being very difficult to decide which chicken was which – showing how similar the samples were in taste, texture and substance were.

Michal Ansky, the MasterChef judge, who was surprised when the bred chicken was finally revealed because he had suspected the opposite, said: “I’m very glad I was wrong, for the first time in my life. This kind breakthrough has been a long time coming.As someone who loves chicken and regularly incorporates it into family meals, it’s inspiring to see that a more sustainable future can be achieved through cultured meat

SuperMeat believes that transparency should guide the food industry towards a fairer and more sustainable system. To achieve this goal, it was the first company to open its pilot production facility to the world to provide an unfiltered view of the entire production, from the factory floor to the open kitchen where cultured meat dishes are served. Conducting the world’s first blind tasting of cultured meat was another important step in this mission, as it enabled a professional third-party evaluation of 100% cultured meat compared to its traditional counterpart.

“Now that we have shown that cultured meat and traditional meat are indistinguishable, the potential impact on how companies design and produce meat products today, and consequently the potential impact on our planet, is monumental,” said Ido Savir, CEO of SuperMeat.

More information about the company can be found at www.SuperMeat.com.

About SuperMeat:

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, SuperMeat is a food technology company working to provide the world with high quality meat grown directly from animal cells. Our products offer a delicious meat experience and a high-quality nutritional profile, while being produced in a sustainable, slaughter-free manner.

The cultured meat platform developed by SuperMeat enables food companies to be at the forefront of the burgeoning cultured meat industry and produce a wide range of products containing cultured meat. SuperMeat is the first B2B company to cover the entire poultry meat category from fat to lean and offer a total solution for cultured meat production. The company has showcasing the versatility of its meat platform at various events at its pilot production facility, The Chicken, the world’s first farm-to-fork facility for local meat production, and plans to host more events in the near future.

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