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27.01.2022 – 10:30


Hamburg (ots)

The turn of the year is an occasion for many employees to rethink their professional situation and strive for positive changes in their job. The most important criterion for a dream job: it must be varied (43 percent). 40 percent want a lot of free time. Earning a lot of money is only in third place for those in employment (36 percent). The greatest professional dream of Germans is to be at the head of a company. These are the results of the representative study “What Germans dream of” commissioned by Lottoland.

29 percent of Germans would like to do a meaningful or socially relevant job. This desire is particularly felt by people in the middle of their working lives between 30 and 50 years of age. On the other hand, every second under 30-year-old simply associates their dream job with high earnings. At the same time, this age group also enjoys a lot of free time alongside work (48 percent). Eleven percent named company boss as the most popular profession – among under 30-year-olds even 16 percent. Eight percent of all respondents would like to be a doctor or an artist. Among younger people, 12 percent choose the doctor. However, neither as a company boss nor as a doctor should the under 30-year-olds be able to combine high earnings with a lot of free time. That would be more feasible as a footballer or Youtuber. Ten percent of young Germans dream of these jobs.

Under 30-year-olds dream of their dream job

Dreams help you get through everyday work, but less than one in ten thinks it is likely that your dream job will come true. Beyond the young professionals, more than a fifth of Germans have said goodbye to their dream job. Not everyone can see all the opportunities that open up to them as they get older. However, 17 percent have already been able to fulfill this dream. 14 percent continue to dream of the perfect working life.

Anyone under the age of 30 is more likely to dream of the perfect job. 31 percent of 18 to 29 year olds believe that they will still find their dream job. From the age of 30 it is only 16 percent. Even if many Germans have to work until the age of 67, the respondents think 25 years earlier that they can’t change much about their job. At the age of 40 or older, only eight percent still believe in their dream job. From the age of 50, only three percent think their dream job is attainable. Across all age groups, nine percent trust that they will one day be able to grab their dream job. For comparison: At six percent, only slightly fewer people are convinced that they can win a million or more in the lottery. 23 percent are sure that they can start their dream trip.

Change the work situation with lottery millions

The majority of Germans have come to terms with their professional situation or are satisfied: one in four describes their professional situation as “mediocre”, another 17 percent as bad or very bad. However, 22 percent think their current job is “very good”. That could be one reason why people don’t chase their career luck too much. If millions were won, however, two-thirds would radically change their work situation: 19 percent would stop working completely, 18 percent would then start looking for a dream job and 29 percent would at least reduce the weekly working hours.

About the study:

3,050 Germans took part in the study “What Germans dream of”. The representative survey commissioned by the Lottoland Group was conducted online.

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