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27.01.2022 – 08:10

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Dirk Schneider (41) is a successful online spice dealer, book author and failed emigrant. His life was more or less like a roller coaster. In his book “Flavour Explosion – The Way to the Pleasure and Taste Expert” he gives deep and personal insights into the life of a German founder who went abroad for love, was broke in his mid-30s and was heartbroken and moved back in with his parents. today runs an online company with 30 employees and millions in sales.

Mr. Schneider, in your book you describe, among other things, your CV, which is exciting to read and yet also moving. How did you come to describe your personal career in your book?

I think almost everyone has an eventful story to tell. I wrote a book about “taste” and tell you how I became a “pleasure and taste expert”. That life usually corresponds to a roller coaster ride can be seen very well from this.

Do you also write about your personal lows in the book? How did that come about and what did you experience here?

I’ve been self-employed since 2007. In the beginning more or less, as many people still do today, part-time. My father’s cancer in 2008 made me realize that life is very valuable and has even more to offer. In 2009, while on vacation in Cuba, I met a Canadian woman and decided to emigrate to Canada in 2010. Unfortunately, my relationship failed and so 3 months later I was back at my parents’ house with my suitcases. On the second try, I chose one of the best places to emigrate: Barcelona. I stayed there for almost 2 years and this time I returned to Germany from Spain because of another business idea.

But you also founded your online spice startup in Spain?

Yes that’s right. At the time I liked to have several irons in the fire and was on the road as a multi-founder. However, my spice startup was probably more of a low-flyer than a successful startup at the time. Because of the other business idea and also due to the fact that I was running out of money, I returned to Germany. Moved in with my parents and also had to go into debt for the first time in my life. The other business idea failed a short time later and went bankrupt.

But after that you built up a million-dollar company?

Yes, that is also correct. We are actually a real German “basement startup” (built without investors from my parents’ basement). As Winston Churchill describes it, I simply got up more than I fell down. I want to encourage other people with my story. In Germany, failure still has a somewhat negative connotation. But I am of the opinion that failure is what made me what I am today. In America, the “culture of failure” is just as much a part of normal start-up life as success. In Germany, there are more and more reports about failure, but many people lack the courage to speak openly about it. With my story I can contribute something to the motivation of failed founders.

What is your advice to these people?

Learn from your mistakes, get up, shake yourself and do better next time.

If you are interested in the whole story, you will find the whole life story in the book “Flavour Explosion – The Way to Enjoyment and Taste Experts” – ISBN: 978-3-00-070156-6 – Publisher: Azafran – Price 19.90 EUR (DE). Dirk Schneider also reveals here how you can discover and train your sense of taste and thus enjoy your life better and more intensively.

More information about the book: www.azafran.de

Book website and press information: www.geschmacksexplosion.net

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