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27.01.2022 – 13:12

Eurox Pharma GmbH


The company Eurox Pharma, which specializes in standardized cannabis extracts and the active ingredient dronabinol and is based in Bensheim in Hesse, is the newest member of the Association of Cannabis Supplying Pharmacies (VCA).

  • As manufacturers of cannabis medicinal product formulations, pharmacies are an essential component of cannabis dispensing.
  • The exchange with the pharmacists and the partnership is elementary for the supply of patients with cannabis medicines and for the future development of clinically tested and approved medicines.
  • The company emphasizes the importance of the association for the optimal care of seriously ill patients with cannabis prescription drugs.

Eurox Pharma is a vertically integrated company with roots in the German and European manufacturing of herbal medicinal products. Based on this tradition, Eurox also ensures the highest quality along the entire value chain for medical cannabis extracts and the active ingredient dronabinol. From the company’s point of view, the pharmacies are important partners for the professional advice of patients. “The pharmacists have the responsible task of carrying out the final manufacturing steps on our extracts and the active ingredient dronabinol and handing them over to the patients. We want to support them in their work with our expertise and our continuous research and development. With their pharmaceutical expertise, pharmacies play a role central role in the supply of cannabis medicinal products,” says co-CEO and founder Bernhard Babel. Co-CEO David Reckeweg-Lecompte adds: “An important component of our membership in the VCA is to maintain dialogue with the supplying pharmacies, to listen and to gain valuable practical knowledge for our research work. This allows us to expand our product portfolio even more closely to the needs of pharmacists and patients.”

The Association of Cannabis Supplying Pharmacies has 84 members, about half of them pharmacies. The aim of the association is to ensure the efficient and affordable care of patients with medical cannabis. The VCA relies on close cooperation with the chambers and associations at federal and state level as well as the exchange with doctors and patients.

About Eurox Pharma:

Eurox Pharma GmbH, based in Bensheim, Hesse, is one of the leading European providers of high-quality medicinal cannabis products. The company was founded in 2019. The focus is on the production of prescription cannabis extracts. At Eurox Pharma, the entire value chain is in one hand – from the cultivation of the plants in Portugal to processing in Germany. To ensure the effectiveness and quality of its products, the company invests a third of its budget in research and development. In addition, Eurox works closely with the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology at the University of Frankfurt. Eurox Pharma maintains an exclusive, long-term cannabis product contract and manufacturing agreement with Dr. Reckeweg & Co. GmbH. The EU-GMP-certified German pharmaceutical company has over 75 years of experience in the manufacture of plant-based medicines.

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