▷ Bayern Party: The embarrassment of 5,000 helmets

27.01.2022 – 11:54

Bavaria party

Munich (ots)

Due to fears of a Russian invasion, Ukraine has been urging various Western governments to supply it with weapons and equipment for some time. After much hesitation, the West German side has now promised Ukraine the delivery of 5,000 combat helmets. 100,000 helmets and the same number of flak jackets were also requested.

According to the Bavarian party, there are very good reasons not to get drawn into this conflict. And also very good reasons not to deliver weapons to this crisis area. However, the promised delivery of 5,000 helmets is a real embarrassment. Especially since the defense minister tried to sell the whole thing as a “clear signal” because, after all, you are “closely on the side of Ukraine”. In the opinion of the Bavarian party, the only signal that comes from this helmet delivery is “wash my fur, but don’t get me wet”. And shopkeepers.

The comment of the Bavarian party chairman Florian Weber was accordingly: “Perhaps we are doing Defense Minister Lambrecht an injustice and the last functional pieces of equipment will be delivered, which the Bundeswehr still has in large quantities.

But seriously – the current government dabbles so cheerfully that one – especially in these challenging times – can get scared and anxious. However, ministerial posts are not positions for internships, nor are they self-realization posts for the totally unsuitable. Reality is out there and not some cloud cuckoo project that you kind of get involved with.”

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