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27.01.2022 – 16:25

Frankfurter Rundschau

Frankfurter Rundschau (ots)

Munich Archbishop Cardinal Reinhard Marx has a pleasingly clear position. Without renewal of the church, he says, Christianity has no future. And: The church is there for the people – including the victims of abuse – and not for itself. Marx is ready to ask Pope Francis to resign again if there are clear signals from the base. The cardinal wants to take responsibility. Marx says he holds himself and others accountable. That’s better than resigning without consequences. Unfortunately, he bites when it comes to Pope Benedict XVI. on the tongue. However, this may also serve to ensure that you do not lose sight of the essentials when investigating abuse. It is the answer to the question of who the church is for. Only when she turns to the victims of the abuse scandals honestly and openly, works through the crime structures and the believers get more say, only then will trust in the power of the church be restored.

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