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27.01.2022 – 11:06


Strasbourg (ots)

At the award ceremony of the 43rd Max Ophüls Prize 2022 film festival on Wednesday evening, director CBYi was the main winner with a total of three awards for his film “Moneyboys” (ORF/ARTE), which was shot in Taiwan. In the Feature Film category, CB Yi received the Max Ophüls Prize “Best Feature Film” “Best Screenplay” and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. “Moneyboys” is about male prostitution in China.

The ARTE co-production “Everything Will Change” by Marten Persiel (RBB/NDR/BR/ARTE) was chosen by the audience in the feature film category.

Moneyboys (Film by CB Yi, Austria/France/Belgium/Taiwan 2021, ORF/ARTE, KGP Filmproduktion, Zorba Production, Panache Production & La Cie Cinématographique, Flash Forward Entertainment), 120 min.

About the film content: Fei earns his money as a money boy in a big Chinese city. One day, when he is abused by one of his pimps and his partner Xiaolai takes revenge on the perpetrator, Fei goes into hiding out of fear of retribution and the police. Years later he lives in another city and still works as a moneyboy. His family continues to accept the money he uses to support them, but not his homosexuality. He seeks stability in his relationship with Long, but when Xiaolai suddenly shows up, the past catches up with him again.

The jury’s reasons for the individual prizes for “Moneyboys”

Max Ophüls Prize: Best Feature Film

Jury statement: MONEYBOYS is an existential, queer and at the same time universal film about love that does not pursue political meaning, but creates it. It not only shows a cinematic craft that is incredibly clean on all levels and surprisingly mature for a debut film. From the precise camera, which uses its cinemascope so intelligently, to the precise drawing of the characters, which tells complex, multi-layered worlds even in the secondary characters, to the deliberately set but at the same time not loud set design and the costumes, which become one with their characters, to towards this unbelievably close spectacle. But he also manages that this craft does not lead to sterility. On the contrary: CB Yi tells his story with a deep heart. Despite the difficult circumstances, he doesn’t define his characters through pity. Instead, CB Yi gives an extraordinary dignity to the characters and the film as a whole.


Jury statement: In the film MONEYBOYS, the author and director CB Yi leads us into a cosmos that is told with great sensitivity and stylistic rigor, in highly concentrated images and subtly formulated scenes.

We experience how sexuality and love are influenced and destroyed by capitalism and social norms, by taboos and family pressures, how love as a commodity competes with true love.

Ecumenical Jury Prize

Jury statement: The film convinces with its chronological narrative style and the staging of the contrasts between traditional “countryside idyll” and anonymous big city. The rhythm of the noisy city is absorbed by a supposedly quiet and harmonious home village. The search for the sorely missed security in the bosom of the family ends in the violent impact of blame, which mercilessly banishes the protagonist back to the city’s anonymity.

The conscious use of colour, music and aesthetics powerfully underlines the dynamic of making quick money with one’s own body on a precarious path to the Chinese upper class.

Audience Award Feature Film

Everything Will Change (Film by Marten Persiel, Germany/Netherlands 2021, RBB/NDR/BR/ARTE, KRO-NCRV, Flare Film GmbH, Windmil Film, 92 min.)

The three young rebels Ben, Cherry and Fini live in a dystopian year 2054. One day Ben discovers a photo of a giraffe in an antique shop. Unsure whether the animal is a fake, he begins to research and discovers the long-lost beauty of nature. Together with Cherry and Fini he tries to find out what happened to their planet. The answer lies in the past, and when they find the key to a decade when a colorful future was still possible – the 2020s – everything changes

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