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27.01.2022 – 08:50

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Whether you exercise outside or inside, as a beginner starting with the first movement units or as an experienced athlete working on the training plan: Our body can only perform at its best if it is supplied with enough liquid. Anyone who does sports also has an increased need for minerals. Natural mineral water is good in two ways – as a calorie-free thirst quencher and as a reliable source of minerals.

“A prerequisite for good training is a balanced fluid balance,” says endurance athlete Marie-Luise Klietz emphatically. She doesn’t just know that from her own experience. The former competitive swimmer and successful triathlete, among other things in the squad of the national team, is also a doctor. “If the body lacks fluids, it can’t work properly. We feel tired and our concentration drops rapidly.” If you are active in sports, it can even lead to muscle weakness and problems with regeneration.

If the body reacts with thirst, this is already a warning sign: there is a lack of liquid! “Especially in competitive situations or during intensive training, athletes often hardly notice their thirst – and literally run the risk of dehydration,” warns Marie-Luise Klietz. Even in winter, many feel less thirsty than in summer. That is why it is so important to take good precautions. The athlete and doctor relies on natural mineral water. “Because in addition to calorie-free liquid, it also provides valuable minerals.” They also play a major role in important bodily functions. However, when you sweat, these micronutrients are lost just like fluid. Accordingly, those who are active in sports have an increased need for minerals.

Marie-Luise Klietz knows that you also have to pay attention to the fluid balance during the sports unit: “When I’m on my bike or planning a longer running unit, I always have something to drink with me.” On long trips, she takes a second bottle of mineral water with her. The refreshing mix also supplies you with carbohydrates.

The endurance athlete is convinced that you can train to drink enough. Her tip so that this works just as well in the cold season as in the warm, sweaty months: “It is best to start the day with a glass of mineral water as soon as you get up. Anyone who finds it difficult to drink enough fluids should be ready to drink their daily amount in the morning if possible. The German Society for Nutrition recommends around 1.5 liters even without a sports unit. If you take a sip every time you walk past glasses and bottles, you won’t get a thirst alarm at all.”

More drinking tips, further information and recipes with natural mineral water: https://www.mineralwasser.com/trinktipps/

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