▷ According to the indictment, Reemtsma kidnapper Thomas Drach almost had a child in a robbery …

27.01.2022 – 13:05

Cologne City Gazette

Cologne (ots)

In the attack on a messenger in Frankfurt am Main in autumn 2019, the alleged perpetrator Thomas Drach almost shot a twelve-year-old boy. This is reported by the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” (Friday edition), citing the charges against the kidnapper of tobacco millionaire Jan Philipp Reemtsma.

The 61-year-old Drach is said to have snatched the money box with almost 59,000 euros from an Ikea branch on November 9, 2019 after a scuffle from a security service employee. The security guard then fired a shot at the fugitive. While running, the robber turned halfway around and shot back, according to prosecutors. The bullet pierced the security guard’s left thigh. The man was critically injured.

However, part of the projectile continued to fly. According to the indictment, the projectile almost hit a twelve-year-old student in the back of a passing car. The boy’s father later stated that he was looking for a parking space when a loud bang was heard. The driver only discovered the bullet hole in the door of the car when he got home.

From February 1st, Drach, who has multiple criminal records, and an alleged accomplice will have to answer to the Cologne district court for particularly serious robbery in four cases and two attempted murders.

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