Philippines LAN trip, more vivid with ASMR!

Philippine Ministry of Tourism presented ASMR LAN travel video / Ministry of Tourism of the Philippines

The Philippine Ministry of Tourism presents a more vivid travel experience with local voices. Introducing the ‘ASMR Experience the Philippines’ project.

The project to enjoy the Philippines with ASMR is part of a sound tour, designed to provide a special experience of the travel destination through the sounds of nature that you can enjoy around you. Philippine Tourism Minister Bernadet Romulo Puyat said, “This new ASMR project is not just a visual tour of sights or historical sites, but a living experience of feeling all the white noise around you. can,” he said.

High-quality sound enhances the immersion of LAN travel. There are four ASMR videos in total, and they convey the unique sounds of nature in the ▲Barlig ▲Ilocos Norte ▲Visayas ▲Mindanao region. You can fully enjoy the tranquility, creating the feeling of taking a leisurely stroll through the area. The first released Balik edition contains the scenery of a remote village located in a mountainous region and the journey to the top of the mountain, and it shows the unique charm of the Philippines through its magnificent nature. In particular, the 360-degree spherical shape uses Ambisonics technology, which perfectly preserves the sound of the scene, so you can listen to the best sound quality.

Meanwhile, all videos related to the project to enjoy the Philippines with ASMR can be viewed through the official YouTube channel of the Philippine Ministry of Tourism.

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