French Tourism Agency, New Year’s Event with Sofitel Ambassador Seoul

The French Tourism Agency is holding a New Year’s special event with Sofitel Ambassador Seoul to celebrate the Lunar New Year. / France Tourism

The French Tourism Board is holding a special New Year’s event to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This event is with Sofitel Ambassador Seoul, known as a hotel where you can feel authentic French luxury.

This event, which runs until February 8, offers a chance to experience the French lifestyle, such as ▲Luxury Lake 1 night stay (including breakfast for two) ▲Lespas Afternoon Tea coupon ▲Lespas champagne set ticket ▲Pemaison Le Bon Marché pass A variety of products are available. To apply, you just need to solve a simple quiz on the website of the French Tourism Agency about the weekend lunch buffet ‘Le Bon Marche’ that Sofitel Ambassador Seoul will be launching from February 5th.

The French Tourism Agency said, “Le Bon Marché selects and introduces one of the French regions for each season and offers a variety of French gastronomic experiences. We think this is a good opportunity for Koreans to experience France indirectly during the Corona period.”

The first city that Le Bon Marché introduces is Chamonix, a mountain village where you can see the best view of the highest peak of the Alps and the host of the first Winter Olympics. At Le Bon Marché, you can enjoy warm winter foods such as Chamonix raclette and French onion until March. You can find various information about Chamonix on the event page of the French Tourism Board.

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