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26.01.2022 – 17:44

bpa – federal association of private providers of social services registered association

Berlin (ots)

Exactly two years ago, on January 27, 2020, the first case of a person suffering from Covid-19 was detected in Germany. “After two years of impressive performance, the nursing staff and the nursing facilities are absolutely at the limit. The employees have maintained the care in all waves of infection under constantly changing and worsening conditions. We must all be grateful to them for that.

In the meantime, the load limit has been exceeded in view of the rapidly increasing incidence rates. “The care facilities now need tangible support. Without additional forces, for example from the Bundeswehr or from civil protection, we will not be able to maintain care,” says Meurer. There are dramatic staff shortages due to illness and quarantine orders. Now everything must be avoided that increases the pressure.

“The facility-related vaccination requirement can only be implemented with great caution and in a graduated procedure. The health ministers have passed a resolution and asked the Federal Ministry of Health to issue guidelines. These must also be implemented on site in a concrete and reliable manner. According to the health ministers, there is a ban on entry the last resort.” In addition, the aim of the facility-related vaccination requirement, to increase protection for those in need of care, can only be achieved if relatives and visitors also have to be vaccinated. “A general obligation to vaccinate must come quickly in order to curb the number of infections and to relieve the burden on care.”

Meurer calls on politicians to use the date for a clear signal. “The announced care bonus must come promptly and also be paid to the employees in geriatric care. At the same time, the care facilities must be able to rely on the care rescue package being extended beyond the end of March. We need this instrument until the actual end of the pandemic .January 27 would be a good time to announce both.”

With more than 12,000 active member institutions, the Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services (bpa) is the largest lobby of private providers of social services in Germany. Facilities for outpatient and (partly) inpatient care, assistance for the disabled and child and youth welfare in private sponsorship are a systemically relevant part of services of general interest. As a good example of public-private partnership, the members of the bpa are responsible for around 365,000 jobs and around 27,000 apprenticeships (see www.youngpropflege.de or www.facebook.com/Youngpropflege). Investments in social infrastructure amount to around 29 billion euros.

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For questions: Norbert Grote, Bernd Tews, bpa managing directors, Tel.: 030/30 87 88 60, www.bpa.de

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