Klook to attack the petcance people… Enhanced ‘Pet-Friendly’ category

Klook strengthened the pet-friendly category ‘Pet-Friendly’ / Klook

Klook is strengthening its new pet-friendly category ‘Pet-Friendly’, such as dog-friendly hotels, resorts, and pensions, to target the Pet + Family.

With the number of domestic companions reaching 15 million, the demand for petcance to enjoy travel with companion animals has greatly increased. In response, Klook introduced the ‘Pet-Friendly’ category, which reinforced the premium pet-cance categories such as Phoenix and Sonopet Resorts with dog-friendly rooms, and the Millennium Hilton Seoul, L’Escape Hotel, and La Casa Hotel.

Pet+Activity products that can be enjoyed with dogs such as museums, theme parks, camping, yachts, etc., are also strengthened. In addition, leisure facilities such as a playground for dogs and a swimming pool will be expanded. Klook is currently running an event to present a 10,000 won coupon for the first purchase of Pet Friends to customers who have purchased Petcance and Pet TV together with Pet Friends, a companion animal shopping mall.

Klook Korea Branch Manager Lee Jun-ho said, “Customers are highly satisfied with Klook’s pet-friendly accommodations and pet vacations with various themes carefully selected by Klook. It will be presented.”

By Kim Da-mi, staff reporter [email protected]


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