Aero-K wins two awards at Digital Advertising Awards “Message came through”

Aero-K announced that it had won two awards in the digital advertisement & campaign category of ‘2021 & Awards’ / Aero-K

Aero-K was honored with two crowns in the digital advertisement & campaign category of the ‘2021 Awards For New Digital Award’.

Aero-K was awarded the Grand Prix and Winner in the travel/leisure and social media product and service categories, respectively. The ‘Aero K Family Month Campaign’, which won the Grand Prix in the Travel/Leisure category, contains a message of the times that looks at various types of families without prejudice, such as single mothers, LGBT couples, and single-mom families. This is to reconsider the customary form of the family. It is evaluated that ‘Aero-K Instagram’, which took the winner in the social media field, provided a variety of inspiration for travel with a new type of content and established two-way communication. Aero-K said, “With this award, we once again proved the potential of Aero-K, which is marketing differentiated from the existing aviation industry.”

“Aero-K is a brand that pursues new perspectives and diversity,” said Sang-bo Kim, Marketing Director of Aero-K. “The brand experience of an airline is not limited to just the boarding experience. I hoped that it would lead to content that I created myself.” “We will continue to introduce brand content that goes beyond customs and prejudices through various attempts in the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, the N-Award is an award that selects works that have contributed to the digital industry over the past year, and celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. It is hosted by the Korea Digital Enterprise Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Broadcast Advertising Promotion Agency.

Reporter Eunji Lee [email protected]

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