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23.01.2022 – 18:27

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Berlin Matthias Katsch, co-founder of the “Eckiger Tisch” initiative for those affected by sexual abuse by the Catholic Church, calls for the establishment of a victim recovery organization. The latest revelations about cases of abuse in the Archdiocese of Munich are “symptomatic for the entire Catholic Church.” In a guest article for the Berlin daily newspaper “nd.DerTag” (Monday edition), he appealed to Catholics in the country: “Those affected by abuse need help and support, recognition and compensation now.”

He calls on the church members: “Let’s set up a victim recovery organization that those affected in their church can turn to. Where they can find help in emergencies, for health rehabilitation and for relief in coping with life.” Waiting for major social solutions to be found and implemented means betraying the victims, Katsch continued.

In addition, financial compensation for the victims must be discussed again. The 58-year-old criticized that an existing concept had been “swept aside as too expensive” by the bishops. “We therefore need a round table of lay Catholics and diocese representatives with associations and representatives of those affected to negotiate a compensation concept based on the 2019 proposal.”

Matthias Katsch himself experienced sexual abuse at the Catholic Canisius College in Berlin and in 2010 made a significant contribution to making such cases of abuse public.

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